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AM Specialties – Progressive Die Stamping, Deep Drawn, Blanking Steel - Aluminum – Brass

AM Specialties is here for one reason – to provide our customers with the best custom precision stamping services. For over 25 years, we’ve combined precision stamping with a multitude of services such as heat treating, plating, and painting to achieve the highest quality at the lowest cost possible.

State-of-the Art Stamping Equipment


We employ newer presses than your average stamping operation to take advantage of advances in technology for our customers.


For example: Our Komatsu H1F150 Hybrid AC Servo Stamping Press offers you a major increase in forming performance and productivity due to its free motion mechanism. The accurate linear sensor maintains high bottom dead center accuracy over a long period of time giving outstanding performance in blanking and precision forming of sheet metal, aluminum, brass, and a variety of steel types.


We have the stamping equipment needed to not just talk of lower costs with the quality that you expect, but to actually deliver it. Click here to view a complete Equipment List.

150 Ton Servo Stamping Press Two out progressive die .062" thick aluminum core support bracket

AM Specialties offers a complete line of custom stamping services as described below:

progressive stamping precision metal stamping
deep draw stamping prototype stamping
aluminum stamping automotive stamping
compound blanking line die stamping
aerospace stamping piercing
military stamping forming
short run to high volume stamping servo press stamping


We’ve been an ISO 9001:2008 certified stamping company since 2002 to ensure Quality Manufacturing. Our custom stamping dies and tooling support is provided by K-B Tool & Die, Inc., which will design and build the necessary tools and dies to produce your parts. All stamping equipment is maintained and cleaned monthly to prevent contamination to parts and materials. We’ve set-up the presses, controls, material feed lines, and support equipment in the optimal configuration to best meet our customer’s requirements. In addition to our in-house equipment, we have partner companies with stamping presses to 1200 tons to satisfy nearly any stamping project requirements.


Examples of Our Stamped Parts

Heater core tanks - aluminum Heater core tanks - aluminum Heater core tanks - aluminum
Radiator headers - aluminum Misc. cooling and heat transfer components Misc. radiator and turbulator fins
Radiator headers - aluminum Radiator core support bracket- Aluminum Radiator core support bracket- Steel
Progressive die strip- Bracket- Aluminum Progressive die strip- Header- Aluminum Progressive die strip- Heater tank- Aluminum
Stamping dies for core plates, clutch plates, friction plates, and reaction plates Compound blank and pierce die stamped plates Automotive exhaust system connection- Stainless steel
Progressive die- Heater tank Progressive die- Heater tank Compound blank and pierce die- Reaction plate- Steel



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